Do i need a free-kick specialist?

The free-kick special ability is one of the more common special abilities oin the game. You often see a team with 2, 3 or even 4 free-kick takers in their team. But, are they really necessary? The truth is, not really no…

Yes, when your specialist scores a free-kick, it looks pretty cool as it curls into the corner at pace. However, If you assign the right player with high white skills for certain attributes, you can score just as many free-kicks, if not more.

The player above is my free-kick taker and he has strong ‘Shooting’ and ‘Finishing’ attributes which is the key to scoring free-kicks. This player scores as many free-kicks as any specialist ever has playing for me.

The best positions for free-kick takers are AMC, AMR, AML, ST, as their game is heavily revolved around Shooting and Finishing.

Once you have picked your free-kick taker, get training his Shooting and Finishing attributes right away. You can then pick a better special ability for your player to make him even better.

See the special ability training guide for help on this.

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