White Attributes vs Star Rating

The strength of a player can be looked at in two different ways. White attributes are very important for a player when it comes to performing well, but so is having a good star rating. It is possible for a player to have high white attributes but an average star rating due to this player possessing very low grey attributes.

So, is either having great white attributes or having a high star rating more important? Well, the perfect situation is finding a middle ground between the two. Having great white attributes but a low star rating can contribute to negative results against the better rated sides. Although against an average team, you should still be in very good shape. You will never have a poor season with a group of players that have strong white attributes, even if they have average star ratings. But if you want to take that next step and compete with the top teams, you need to focus on your players’ star ratings too.

Having a good star rating is important for your players if you want to be successful and win trophies. If your player has very good white skills, don’t be afraid to train the grey attributes to boost your player’s star rating slightly. As your grey attributes will likely be low, you should be able to improve them relatively easily. However, they only improve half as fast as white attributes.

The player in the image at the top has a nice balance of good white attributes and a good star rating. Increasing grey attributes could be a good option here to push his star rating more towards 140%.

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