Collect Free Tokens

Tokens are the holy grail of Top Eleven. You can benefit so much from having many tokens in your bank, from buying high quality players, to purchasing large numbers of rest packs and morale packs to train your players and vastly improve your overall team rating.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘cheat’ method to get a lot of tokens in one go. The only way to get a lot of tokens fast is to buy them with real money. However, this is what we’re trying to avoid. The best we can do is know where to collect the free tokens, and there are a lot of free tokens out there to collect over the long term. We just need to be patient and accumulate them over time.

  • Open the App EVERY Day

You must open the app EVERY day as there are daily tokens you can collect. Logging in every day ensures you make your public sponsor appearances. You will be award gifts every day you log in and these quite often result in tokens. The week we had below after successfully making all of our public appearances resulted in us receiving six tokens for our total.

As you can see, you can also collect many many other rewards in the process such as valuable FREE rest packs and morale packs, along with treatment packs, and cold hard cash.

  • Sign the BEST TV Rights Deal

As you can see from the TV Rights area, we have four options to choose from. Some options give you more tokens up front, which can be appealing, others give you tokens over a longer period, which to be honest, could be less appealing. To maximize our token value from this we need to look long term so we can disregard the offers that give us tokens up front as long term we will have fewer tokens. This is all pretty straight forward as each offer tells you how many tokens you will receive over the course of a season. It doesn’t take a genius to work out we need to choose the second option as we get 35 tokens if we log in EVERY day.

So we can see that ‘Heroic’ offers us the best value with 35 tokens, followed by ‘Clockwork Monkey’ with 30 tokens. ‘Nordeus’ offers us 28 tokens, while Juice has tabled the worst offer with just 21 tokens available to us. With the Heroic offer, you do need to open the app every day to collect your daily token. Every four days you will receive two tokens when you open the app.

  • Join a Platinum Association

Being part of a Platinum association can get you 100 FREE tokens at the start of each season. This is a huge bonus for your side as, if invested intelligently, can boost your squad no end with the purchase of new players or rest packs. It’s not easy to find a platinum association who are willing to take on just anyone though. But, if you follow all of the advice on this site you should be able to build a 120%+ team quite easily and this will appeal to many Platinum association captains.

You can search for associations in the ‘Associations’ tab. Simply click on the trophy in the top right hand corner and then click on the search tab from the box that appears. This will list many associations who need players. All you need to do is find one that is Platinum and apply to join. Remember, the better your team, the more likely you are to be accepted. Put the work in first and you should get rewarded with a place.

  • FREE Tokens

There is a section in the Shop that offers free tokens to each manager. These are offers from other apps that will give you Top Eleven tokens if you download their app and play whatever they want you to play. These can be other game apps, surveys, or other types of apps. It’s basically a deal Nordeus has struck with other companies to try and get more downloads for their apps. Generally the more time you need to spend on the other app, the more tokens you will be given. This is totally your call if you download any of these apps but this section is definitely worth checking out. Some are pretty easy and consist of downloading a game and completing 10 levels for 10 tokens for example. Some are more complex like spending money on this other app or subscribing to it for 100+ tokens. It all depends how much time you have and how many different apps you want to download and whether you want to subscribe to anything.

The best offers are usually found in ‘Tapjoy’. So have a look and work through a few offers for extra tokens. You should only download and signup to apps that you fully trust. All offers will be genuine but you should always be careful who you hand over your personal details to.

  • Sign-up to Special Events

Every so often a special event will appear in the game such as ‘King of Kings’ or a tour of a country such as the ‘Italy Tour’ and the most common ‘Special Sponsor’. These special events basically require you to play extra matches throughout the day, but the good thing is, they don’t impact on your players’ condition. So you can play many extra matches per day in these special events and if you do well enough you can win rewards such as tokens. They also offer free rest packs, morale packs, and sometimes even new players. They are definitely worth signing up for and trying to bag some extra rewards. If any special events are running they can be found in the ‘Events’ tab.

  • Player Negotiations

During the last seven days of the season, other managers could make an offer for one of your players. This offer will often include tokens as well as cash. This won’t generate a huge amount in tokens but usually you can get 3-5 tokens per player that you sell. It’s worth it if the player in question is just one of your reserve players that is surplus to requirements. You can take the risk of losing the bid by increasing the offer which could generate another token or two, but generally if you are offered the usual 3-5 tokens and you don’t need the player, you should probably accept it.

You are more likely to receive an offer for one of your players if the player is 1%-4% away from improving in star rating. These players are more appealing to managers for obvious reasons. So the more players you have that are close to improving their star rating, the more offers you should receive.