Collect Rest Packs

If you want to improve your team without any real monetary cost to yourself, you must take maximum advantage of all the FREE rest packs that are available to you throughout each day. There are over 1000 FREE rest packs on Top Eleven to collect during the season, you just need to know where to get them from.

In the shop you have the option of watching videos to collect extra rest packs, morale packs, treatment packs or cold hard cash. There are 25 videos to watch over every 24 hour period and you should focus primarily on collecting the rest packs. Do not collect treatment packs or cash as these will build up naturally over time as you move up the levels. Each video is usually no more than 30 seconds long so you should be able to watch all 25 in around 15 minutes. This equates to 650 FREE rest packs every season.

You can collect a rest pack by making a substitution at any point during each game. You will receive one rest pack at the end of the match if you make at least one substitution. If you feel a substitution might cost you the game you can wait until the last few minutes to introduce a new player. This ensures the player has minimal impact on the end result and you will still collect your rest pack. This applies to all competitive games, all association matches and all friendlies that you may choose to play. This should generate an extra 30+ rest packs per season.

Another way to gain FREE rest packs on Top Eleven is to gift them to managers on your friends list. For every gift you send, the manager you send it to has the option to gift it back to you. This is why having an extensive friends list is important. This also applies to morale packs, treatment packs and skill points. Get gifting as this could generate another 26 FREE rest packs per season.

Did you know there are hidden rests available to use to train your players? You can’t collect these but you can use them to train your players to improve your overall team rating. When the video icon turns black for collecting rest packs, the video icon for the other available packs stays blue. Instead of collecting morale packs, load up your squad and select a player whose condition you wish to improve. Click the + icon under condition and you’ll be able to watch a video to boost your players condition by 15%. There are 15 hidden rest packs to use each day, which is 390 FREE rest packs per season.

You can also pick up extra rest packs by improving the training ground by your stadium. If you manage to max out the training facility you will receive an extra seven rest packs every 4 days. These rest packs are automatically added to your tally, so you don’t need to worry about collecting them. This will generate an extra 40+ FREE rest packs per season.

Throughout a full season, you should be able to collect over 1100 FREE rest packs without spending any of your own money. This is crucial in building a strong team to compete against the better teams on your level.