New King of Kings Event Coming Soon!

The latest King of Kings event is coming soon so make sure you sign-up before the event starts so you don’t miss out!

King of Kings is one of the most loved events on Top Eleven. It enables you to pit your wits against other managers from different levels, usually with a similar team rating than you.

However, sometimes you can get unlucky with the draw and get drawn against teams that have a much better rating than you. That is why we have devised a guide to help you close that gap a little and give you some hope of earning extra rewards.

Rewards for finishing in the top 3 often include valuable rest packs, morale packs and tokens. If you go really far you can usually win an 8-star+ player for your team. Prizes do vary though so please make sure you know what you are playing for. The rewards are usually decent so this event is very much worth taking part in.

King of Kings Guide


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