Find Friends

There are so many benefits to having an extensive friends list on Top Eleven. You should be looking to add as many other managers to your friends list as possible, so you can reap the maximum amount of benefits throughout the season and it costs nothing!

It’s always handy having plenty of people on your friends list as they can help you on a day-to-day basis. Your friends can gift you one treatment, morale and rest pack and also skill points for one of your players per day. Only one friend can gift one item and you can gift back to them. With regards to the skill points, the game automatically picks a player at random and boosts one of their attributes by 4%.

These free gifts really are a must so get adding a lot of other players as friends and get gifting! These gifts equate to 26 FREE treatment, morale and rest packs per season and a total skill boost of 104% over the course of a season for your team.

Friends can also give you bonus possession during your matches. Each friend that watches your match and chooses you to support will give you a 2% boost in possession. Another reason why you should build up a long list of friends. Maximum bonus possession over your opponent is 15%.

A good way to build your friends list is to look at the league tables of existing friends and send a friend request to every team in that league. It’s rare another manager will refuse a friend request as both managers stand to benefit considerably, so you should see your number of friends increase fairly quickly.

Where possible you should also watch your friends’ matches. If they notice you support them fairly regularly, they will be more likely to come and support you when your team is playing. This will help boost your bonus possession and potentially give you a slight edge during your match. It could be the difference between a loss and a draw or a draw and a win. These extra points could ultimately be the difference between moving up a level or staying at the same level.

Make sure you sync your Top Eleven account with your Facebook account as anyone who is on your Facebook friends list who plays Top Eleven will automatically be added to your Top Eleven friends list.