The firestarter event is an excellent way to temporarily give your squad a big boost in morale. For just 11 tokens you can put your whole starting 11 players on fire for a few days. This gives your team performance a huge boost and you can expect to win more games and score more goals for the duration!

It’s pretty easy to get a full starting 11 on fire during the Firestarter event. Simply visit the transfer market and buy really poor quality players, you know the ones that nobody wants (including you!). Low quality and a high age are perfect as you’ll have no competition and be able to buy the player for just 1 token. Each player that you buy during the Firestarter period will put one of your starting 11 players on fire. Simple maths tells you that if you do this 11 times, your whole starting 11 will be on fire. Once you have bought this poor quality player, you can either just sell him to recouperate some of the money spent or just sell to an agent/release him. If you squad is full, don’t worry, even though you can’t sign the player you will still get a player from your starting 11 on fire.

The downside to this is you have to have 11 tokens to spend, and some cash in the bank. There isn’t much you can do with regards to extra tokens other than collect as many free tokens as possible. See our guide on collecting FREE tokens to help you out. But with the potential cash flow issue, you can watch some videos to generate more cash via the shop. I think there is definitely value in getting your whole starting 11 players on fire for the 3-day period, the benefits do outweigh the small expense.

So once you have bought your 11 players from the transfer market, your squad should look something like this! What you can also do if you have more resources, and a couple of subs that you use regularly, is to put them in your starting 11 temporarily and buy more players from the transfer market. This will give you some important substitutes the ‘On Fire’ status as well.