Level 80 Round-up

Another Top Eleven season is over and it’s been a frustrating one to say the least. A lot of effort was put into training my players this season and i even reached a team level of 130%+ from collecting all of the free rests throughout the season and using them to train my young squad. All to no avail it seems as i ran into sides who have invested lots of money into their teams which makes success very difficult.


I won 20 of my 26 league games, losing only once, a great season i thought! Unfortunately, it was only enough for 2nd place as i was beaten to the title by 1 point. It was neck and neck the whole way with the lead exchanging hands a few times throughout the season. We were both that dominant we finished over 20 points ahead of 4th place and around 14 ahead of 3rd place.


I made a good run to the semi-finals where i met a side called St Pauli, managed by a well known manager called Siggi Parcinski. He has won over 70 league titles and multiple cups and Champions Leagues titles, it’s ridiculous really. A lot of his side are 8-star+ players so i was always up against it. The only positive was winning the 2nd leg 2-1. But a 5-3 loss in the 1st leg was too much to overturn.

Champions League

Well i had a decent group draw and was disappointed to only come 2nd in my group. This unfortunately put me in the tough half of the knockout stages where i was guaranteed to be playing 140%+ teams. One side was even close to having a 160% team, so i was never going to progress past the first knockout stage and was eliminated.

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