TV Rights & Sponsorship

During the early levels tokens and money are in short supply so you need to take maximum value from the TV rights/sponsorship deals that are on offer and pick the offer that gives you the most value in the long term.

The more value they offer the more effort it takes to sign the deals on a continuous basis. But then if you intend on being successful at this game without investing your own money, you need to put in the effort. This involves signing a new sponsor daily but the rewards vastly outweigh the extra effort.

TV Rights

For your TV rights deal you should be selecting the second option and it’s pretty obvious why. The first option will give you 28 tokens over the season, the second will give you 35, the third 30, and the fourth just 21 tokens. Some of the options will give you more tokens up front and this might seem very appealing, but you should be looking at this as a long term investment and which option will give you the most back over the course of a season. Select option two all day long.


The sponsorship is where you have to put in that little extra effort to get the maximum value from it. You should be selecting the fourth option because as it says, you get 40% more over a season on top of the 20.2M you get for the first option. The only downside is that it’s a daily contract so you must log in every day to re-sign this deal. This is more important for the lower levels while you are trying to build your bank balance. As you move further up the levels you will find money is not in short supply so you can pretty much pick any if this becomes the case. If it is then maybe pick the sponsor that goes best with your kit if money isn’t an issue for you.