Weather Conditions

Nordeus have now introduced different weather conditions for your matches. Each weather condition will affect your team differently, so you will be expected to adjust your tactics accordingly depending on the weather condition. So we need to think about which tactics are best for each condition to give us the biggest advantage possible. The new weather conditions are cold, rain, ideal & hot.


We can assume that a hot condition will drain your players condition quicker than average, that’s just common sense. With that in mind, we should look at starting the match with tactics that use as little condition as possible.

Firstly, it’s really important that you start the match with excellent condition for all of your players. This means that all players should have dark green condition (+80%) before the match kicks off. This alone could give you an edge over your opponent who may not have prepared adequately. Secondly, you should play with a low press. High pressing drains players condition quicker so operating a low press should conserve extra energy during the match. Thirdly, turn counter attacks off. Again, playing a counter attacking style drains more condition on average.

These two tactics can be re-introduced later in the match during the 2nd half if things aren’t going your way.