We all have simple questions that we don’t know the answer to. Usually this happens when we’re new to the game as we don’t fully understand how the game works. Well this page is designed to answer the questions that don’t need much explanation. If you’re in your first Top Eleven season then you should learn a lot from reading this page.

Can you claim unclaimed Special Sponsor rewards at the start of the next season? No, you can’t. All unclaimed rewards will be lost at the start of the new season.

I have two hands shaking at the side of my player’s name, what does this mean? This mean you have an offer for your player from another manager. Click on the ‘Offers’ tab to see the offer.

I moved up a level but all of my players have lost a star, why did this happen? Unfortunately, every time you move up a level your players lose 20% in overall ability. One star is worth 20%, hence your players losing a star.

What is the best special ability to give to a certain player? You should check out the Choosing The Best Special Ability section of this website.

What is a ‘fast trainer’?¬†A fast trainer is a player who improves faster than average when you train him. Not all players improve at the same rate. Check out our Finding a Fast Trainer article for tips.

Why did my player get a 2-game ban for a red card? Players get a 2-game ban for a straight red card and a 1-game ban for a red card due to two yellow cards.