Finding a Fast Trainer

Training is a huge part of Top Eleven. Without it, you will inevitably fail and your results will be very poor. You must train your players daily to maximize your chances of success. The only problem with training you players is that you use valuable resources such as green rest packs. Those little green packs are like gold in Top Eleven so we need to look at ways to get more and use less. This guide is designed to help you use fewer rest packs to train your players better.

This method isn’t designed to bring you excellent players overnight as we need to work out if they’re worth spending our time and green packs training the player. The faster the trainer, the fewer green packs we need to train the player to a good standard.


Age is a big part of how good your player will train. Players train the fastest between ages 18-21 so we should always be looking to buy young players. From the age of 22 and older, they will start to slow down. Obviously, 18 years old is the optimum age to look for as they have 3 seasons of fast training. You should also look for young players who have a low average quality (40%-60%) as you’ll have less competition in the auction, therefore, saving valuable tokens. If the player is deemed a fast trainer from following our guide then his average quality will improve quickly anyway. Remember, it’s important the player isn’t already trained in a special ability as this is how we see if he is a fast trainer or not. If the player isn’t a fast trainer, you simply sell him.

Out of the two 18 year olds, you are much better signing the 3-star player. He’ll cost fewer tokens and if he is a fast trainer, he won’t take long to train to a 6-star+ player. You could also buy rest packs from the tokens you save. I bought P. Peeters for just 8 tokens. U. Yussuf was bought for 82 tokens. Luckily, Peeters is an excellent trainer going by the guide.


We need to find out if the player is a fast trainer before we decide if we’re keeping him or not. Select any special ability you’d want this player to have and then run 6x drills of either Fast Counter-Attacks or Gym. To work out which is the best training drill, simply add up all attributes that are trained and divide by the number of attributes. The lower the average the better

Fast Counter-Attacks train Creativity (73), Passing (74), Crossing (37) & Finishing (68) = 252/4 = 63

Gym trains Fitness (61) & Strength (43) = 104/2 = 52

With the above information, we would train this player with 6x Gym drills to determine if he is a fast trainer. We then track how many special ability points he gets per training and see which pattern he follows. You should be looking for either Excellent or World Class. Patrick Peeters is excellent so should be kept. Any player who is below excellent should be sold.


You should spend the rest of the season training this player in his special ability and when he is trained, you should start training his white attributes the best you can. He should be at a decent standard when he is 19 years old if you put all of your green packs into him. Next season you should carry on training him. By 20 years old he should be an excellent player. Then you need to get back to the transfer market and find your next fast trainer.