Play Friendly Matches

Most managers probably dismiss friendlies as a complete waste of time thinking they only drain your teams precious condition. However, if utilised correctly, they are a fantastic way to boost your number of packs, particularly morale packs.

The ability to play a friendly is one way to benefit from having a full squad as you will use your subs and reserves to play the majority of the match. If managed correctly, your strongest 11 will barely lose any condition at all. There is no limit on the amount of friendlies you can play and with this friendly tip, even if your subs and reserves have 0% condition, the game will still go ahead and you should still win the match comfortably.

To play a friendly all of your first 11 must have over 30% condition otherwise the match will be cancelled and you’ll lose 3-0. So all we do is start the match with some of our strongest 11 and immediately make the necessary amount of subs to take all of our first team players out of the game. You can have up to 11 subs in a friendly game so finding suitable replacements shouldn’t be an issue. It also doesn’t matter if any of your substitutes have less than 30% condition, you can still bring them on. This will secure your +1 rest pack after the match.

You benefit the most from a friendly by winning easily so we need to find an opponent at as low a level as possible. For this you just scroll down to the bottom of your friends list and play a friendly with whoever is at the bottom. The more levels between the two teams the easier it will be to win. This is why having a large friends list is important.

Not only will you receive a rest pack for making a sub, you can also claim up to three morale packs. You will receive one for watching the match, another for winning the match, and a third if you manage to win by 5 goals. You can also claim a treatment pack if you don’t receive a yellow or red card, so perhaps set your tackling style to easy if you’re short on treatment packs. You will also get some cash from the gate receipts as well. If cash flow is low, get rid of the win bonus from the finance screen.