The King of Kings

The King of Kings is a popular Top Eleven event that comes around every two or three seasons. You will be in competition with nine other managers attempting to collect as many trophies as you possibly can within a 24-hour period. Each manager starts with a trophy and if you win a match by challenging another manager, you collect theirĀ  trophy. The goal is to try and collect all nine trophies where you will earn rewards such as rest packs, tokens, and sometimes even a new player. It’s effectively a league table of trophies and usually the top three managers win rewards. However, if another manager challenges you and beats you, they will claim your trophy and you will lose one. To get your trophy back, you would need to re-challenge that manager and beat their team.

The problem with this event is you will often be drawn against much superior opponents, which basically makes it impossible to win. If you were lucky enough to claim their trophy, they will very likely challenge you back and re-claim it. Success in this event is largely down to the kind of draw you get. Sometimes it works in your favour and you will be the best rated side in the event.

There are still a few things we can do to help us take trophies and/or defend our own. Firstly, you are not notified when another manager challenges you. So this means we are not given any time to prepare our team for the match. That is why it is important to ALWAYS keep your preparation level at superb 24 hours a day so that your team is always ready to defend your trophy. Along with this, you need to make sure your best team is selected at all times.

There are times during the day where you will play a league or cup match. As we know, these matches always decrease players’ condition and morale. After each league or cup match you must increase them back to a superb preparation level instantly as you never know when a manager will challenge you next.

Remember, when you are challenged, your opponent will play your team at it’s current state. There is no default preparation level that your team is set to. This is why you must have your best 11 players selected, a well rested squad with overall great morale at all times throughout the whole of this event.

Secondly, we can use the fact that we play our opponents in their current state to our advantage. Obviously the lower the preparation level the lower the team performs. So, what we do is keep track of each team’s form. As you can see from the example below, the first image is one of my opponents called Kongen FC at the start of the event. As you can see his form is LWWWW.

The second image is Kongen FC a little later in the day, and as you can see, he has recently played a match as the form now reads WLWWW. This is when we challenge! As there is a good chance this team’s condition and morale hasn’t been replenished. This gives us a better chance of taking the trophy if our preparation level is superb and our opponent’s is normal, or poor. Our opponent could well under perform through tiredness, whereas our team could over perform due to being well prepared. This levels the playing field somewhat, as this manager has a team that is considerably better than mine, so it would be tough to win the trophy against superb preparation.

Thirdly, check each team’s average quality at various points throughout the day. As you can see after Kongen FC’s match, the average quality is lower than before the match. It’s gone from 120.9% down to 117.1%. This suggests the manager made some changes for the match and is yet to change the team back to it’s best of 120.9%+. Some managers mess around with friendlies and you often see a team’s average quality go from around 120% to 60%. Keep your eye out and take advantage. Collect the easy trophy!

Lastly, be active! You only have 24 hours to win these trophies so make sure you are playing regularly. You get a free challenge every two hours and this gives you plenty of time to challenge all nine opponents. You also have the option to pay 2 tokens to challenge within the two hour period. My advice would be to not bother. Usually the rewards on offer aren’t good enough to warrant spending tokens challenging other managers. If you are spending the same amount of tokens as you are winning, what is the point? Just be active, challenge regularly and become The King of Kings!