Level 81 Academy Update

These are the four players who will be graduating next season. I’m particularly interested in Jonson Wotton and Luke Thornton as i have an aging DC and my current AMC’s progress is starting to slow down each season and he’s getting more and more expensive to train. Plus, Wotton can also play as an ST which gives me more options during a game. As an 18 year old he should train quickly and soon catch up with the rest of my team’s quality..

I will train Wotton to just below 100% and when he joins my team next season i’ll train him as a one-on-one scorer as opposed to a shadow striker. Players seem to train quicker if they are under 100% when training a new special ability.

Luke Thornton already has a defensive wall attached to him but i still won’t improve him too much as Jonathan Rudd, my aging DC, has at least one more season so i think i will save the rest packs and tokens and train Thornton with the first team all next season. He should be ready to take Rudd’s place in a season or two.

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  1. I agree with you.

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